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Find the professionals in medicine that base their practice on current research and evidence based practice.  This area is not yet well defined in the areas of physical therapy, hand therapy, and occupational therapy.

Reference:  MacDermid J.  Special edition on evidence based medicine. JHT 2:2004.

Do We Know What We Think We Know? 
Check the National Library of Medicine in lieu of anecdotal web sites about your problem


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What is Evidence Base Practice (EBP)? 

The integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values (Sackett et al.  2000)

The practice of EBP consists of:

Formulated clinical question

Systematic review

Critical appraisal

Application for patients

Performance review



A statistical method for combining the results of available research studies to increase statistical power

The steps of meta-analysis are:

Identification of question

Search and selection of trials


(Hinotsu S, Akaza. Gan To Kagaku Ryoho 2002)


Meta-analysis is only feasible if Randomize Control Trials are clinically homogeneous:

Patient population




Timing of follow-up measurement


(Gerritsen AAM. et. al.  Enabling Meta-Analysis in Systematic Reviews on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  JHS 2002.)




























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